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Our healthcare client was facing challenges in managing the recruitment process for new hires. The HR team was struggling to keep track of the documents required for each role and the candidates' submission of those documents. They approached us to develop a web application that would streamline the process of requesting and validating documents from potential candidates.

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Client Requirements

The client wanted a solution that would enable their HR team to create a set of required documents for each role and allow candidates to upload the documents based on their role. The system should also have validation checks to ensure that the documents submitted by the candidates were correct and complete. Additionally, the client required the solution to be easily accessible and user-friendly for both the HR team and the candidates.


We developed a web application that allowed the HR team to create a set of required documents for each role and make them available to the candidates. The candidates could access the system using a unique login, which they received upon applying for the position. Once logged in, the candidates would see a list of the required documents for their role and could upload them using the system.

The system had validation checks in place to ensure that the documents submitted by the candidates were correct and complete. For example, if a document required a specific format or was missing a signature, the system would flag it, and the HR team would receive an alert to follow up with the candidate.

The system was designed with a user-friendly interface that made it easy for both the HR team and candidates to use. The HR team could track the progress of each candidate and see which documents were missing or incomplete. The candidates could also track their progress and see which documents they needed to upload.


The web application we developed for our healthcare client helped to streamline their recruitment process and improved the HR team's efficiency. The system ensured that the candidates submitted the required documents correctly and reduced the need for manual checks and follow-ups.

The client was delighted with the solution and appreciated the system's user-friendliness and validation checks. The application helped the client to save time and money and allowed the HR team to focus on other aspects of the recruitment process.

The solution we developed for our healthcare client was a success, and we continue to work with them to provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Key Highlights from the Topic

Document Validation Automation

  • Streamlined document submission process
  • Validation checks for correct and complete documents

User-Friendly Web Application

  • Unique login for candidates
  • Easy-to-use interface for HR team and candidates

Improved Recruitment Process Efficiency

  • Reduced manual checks and follow-ups
  • Time and cost savings for the client

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