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What is Xamarin?

Based on the .NET developer platform, Xamarin features a vast array of tools and libraries to create a variety of applications. Designed specifically for building programs for Android, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, as well as Windows, the solution is very popular for its many perks.

Businesses with the help of Xamarin create native mobile applications serving different domains and use cases. What’s interesting is that this framework is an open-source platform which makes it less expensive and readily accessible.

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Among the many great things that Xamarin can accomplish, here are some of the most pronounced perks of the framework.

Works with Powerful Languages

For users, there are two different choices to pick from when developing apps using this framework.

Either leveraging the power of object-oriented C# programming language that is simple yet modern. Or, with the help of F# which is a cross-platform language that is again an open-source and one of the most functional programming languages out there.

Create Native Apps

Xamarin apps behave as per the users’ expectations. These are native applications. No matter if it’s a uniform UI or a native user interface, these apps know their way to best performance.

Cross-Platform Interfaces

Using Xamarin.Forms, an open-source UI framework for mobiles, it is possible to construct apps for different platforms using a single shared codebase.

It takes no time to complete the design and development of apps with a shared codebase to perfect the look and feel of the interface as desired.


There are some notable limitations you must not ignore when choosing Xamarin.


Although Xamarin is an open-source platform, working with it could become expensive at the end of the day.

This is because the framework requires access to the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment. And, the licensing for this IDE isn’t cheap.

Not Best Choice for Game Development

Xamarin isn’t what attracts developers for game programming. Featuring the interactive UI elements, Games programming does not cut when it comes to code sharing. The work is still in progress to bring cross-platform adaptability for games on Xamarin.

Limited Code Usability

Programs in Xamarin is only supported within the.NET development stack. So, if you want to reuse the same code for developing a native app or HTML5 application, it won’t be possible.

This will limit the longevity as well as usability of the codes written in Xamarin.

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Stay in the loop with the clients after the application goes live to offer support, whenever needed.

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