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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is one of the most popular Cloud-based content management platforms by Microsoft. Used for collaborating on projects, it help teams work together while working remotely in a smarter environment.

Microsoft SharePoint provides seamless development by managing the data and resources in one customizable place. Companies can benefit from its flexible features.

For instance, it can be integrated with other applications such as content management, business intelligence and so on. Packed with ultimate tools and functionalities, it helps build applications in a simple manner.

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Staying at the top choices of many corporates, there are several reasons to choose SharePoint over its competition.

High Data Security

SharePoint is protected using Microsoft’s best-in-class encryption technology. Therefore, it is one of the safest solutions for team collaboration when working on a project.


SharePoint is customizable. This means you can tailor the solution to fit your requirements. It allows adding branding themes, colors, graphics and more.

In other words, it is possible to create a variety of things on top of this platform. While there are sufficient functionalities in its basic form, custom development makes the platform even more robust and aligned to specific needs.

Enable Collaboration

Storing important files in a single central location, SharePoint enables collaboration among teams.

Hence, it becomes simpler to manage work and responsibilities among teams even when working from different locations.


Let’s check the few limitations that SharePoint entails.

Difficult Setup and Complicated Maintenance

For basic tasks, SharePoint might seem simple to set up and use. However, to get the most from the platform, you must seek help from someone expert. For instance, a SharePoint development professional.

Well, the complexity extends when you customize your SharePoint instance. So, you will need an expert to maintain as well as keep it updated.

License is Expensive

Like most of the Microsoft solutions, this one is also expensive. Its licensing structure is quite complex and adds up the extra cost to the overall development needs.

Steep Learning Curve

It takes time for even the tech-savvy individuals to get acquainted with SharePoint. And no one can know everything about this platform. Hence, if you are new to SharePoint, you will require time and effort to learn about this management platform.

Some might even take longer than expected to be able to use SharePoint.

Here’s how we work

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Requirement Analysis

Discuss the scope of work with clients and offer suggestions to finalize the complete project requirements.

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Consider the finalized requirement to analyze project cost, keeping the client’s budget in mind.

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Assign our experienced team to complete the development of the project before the set deadline.

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Code Review

Optimize the code through reviews to ensure the application follows the defined architecture and best practices.

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Carry the rigorous testing of the built program to validate and verify the application’s functionality, performance, and security.

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Client Sign Off

Complete the sign off formalities with clients after confirming the aptness of the developed solution.

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Take care of the application’s deployment at the client’s site to offer hassle-free software delivery.

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Post-Deployment Support

Stay in the loop with the clients after the application goes live to offer support, whenever needed.

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