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Electronic Signature

Our client, a healthcare provider in the USA, was facing challenges in managing their contracts and getting them signed by all the stakeholders. The manual process was time-consuming and often resulted in delays in finalizing contracts. They approached us to develop an application that would allow them to create contracts and get them signed electronically by all the stakeholders.

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Client requirements

The client required an application that would allow them to create contracts and include multiple documents as part of the contract. The application should allow for electronic signatures by all the stakeholders involved in the contract. Additionally, the client required a user-friendly interface that could be easily accessible from any device.


We developed an application that allowed the client to create contracts and add multiple documents as part of the contract. The application had a user-friendly interface that made it easy for the client to create the contracts and include all the necessary documents. Once the contract was created, it could be sent to all the stakeholders involved in the contract, including internal teams and external clients.

The stakeholders could sign the contract electronically using the application, which was secure and compliant with industry regulations. The application allowed for a sequential signing process, where each stakeholder would sign the contract in a specific order, ensuring that all signatures were obtained in the correct sequence.

The application had validation checks in place to ensure that all required fields were completed, and the stakeholders provided accurate information. Once all the signatures were obtained, the application generated a signed copy of the contract, which was then stored securely in the client's database.


The application we developed for our healthcare client helped to streamline their contract management process and improved the efficiency of the signing process. The application eliminated the need for manual signature collection, reducing the time and cost associated with the process.

The client appreciated the user-friendly interface of the application and the secure, compliant electronic signature process. The application allowed the client to manage contracts more efficiently and ensured that all the necessary documents were included in the contract.

The solution we developed for our healthcare client was a success, and we continue to work with them to provide ongoing support and maintenance for the application.

Key Highlights from the Topic

Electronic Signature Automation

  • Streamlined contract signing process
  • Sequential signing for all stakeholders

User-Friendly Application

  • Easy contract creation with multiple documents
  • Accessible from any device

Improved Contract Management Efficiency

  • Eliminated need for manual signature collection
  • Time and cost savings for the client

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