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EVV Mobile App

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant transformations with the advent of advanced technology. One such transformation is the implementation of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems. It helps healthcare providers to monitor and document the services provided to patients accurately. One of our clients, a healthcare provider, approached us to build an EVV mobile app that can improve their service documentation accuracy and reduce paperwork.

A women using Electronic visit verification mobile app


Our client's primary concern was to ensure that their caregivers provide services as documented and get reimbursed for those services. They faced challenges in maintaining the documentation accurately, resulting in errors and delays in receiving reimbursements. Additionally, they were using traditional paper-based documentation methods that were time-consuming and lacked accuracy.


We proposed building an EVV mobile app that would automate the documentation process and ensure accurate data collection. The app would allow caregivers to enter service duration, description, location, and collect signatures of patients, and capture geolocation coordinates to prove the service location. Our team worked with the client to understand their specific needs and created a prototype to demonstrate the app's functionality.

We used Microsoft Xamarin to build the app, which allowed us to develop for both iOS and Android platforms. We incorporated user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-navigate features, ensuring a seamless user experience. The app allowed caregivers to log in using their unique credentials and view their schedule and patient details.

Once a caregiver provided a service, they could use the app to document the service provided, including duration, location, and description. They could also collect patient signatures, ensuring that the services provided were accurately documented. The app captured geolocation coordinates at the start and end of the service, and this data was stored securely on the server, providing proof of service location.


After the app's deployment, our client saw a significant improvement in their documentation accuracy, reducing errors and delays in receiving reimbursements. The app streamlined the documentation process, reducing paperwork, and increasing productivity. Caregivers appreciated the ease of use of the app, enabling them to document the services provided more efficiently.


Building an EVV mobile app was a significant step towards transforming the healthcare industry's documentation process. The app we developed for our client simplified the process of documenting services provided by caregivers, resulting in increased accuracy and productivity. The app also provided transparency and accountability, ensuring that services were provided as documented. Our client was extremely satisfied with the app's performance and efficiency, and we continue to work with them to enhance the app's capabilities further.

Key Highlights from the Topic

EVV mobile app

  • Automates documentation process
  • Ensures accurate data collection

Microsoft Xamarin

  • Enables development for iOS and Android
  • User-friendly interfaces

Caregiver login

  • Unique credentials for caregivers
  • Schedule and patient details view

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