Quality Analyst

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Quality Analyst

We are seeking a talented and proficient Quality Analyst to join our team. Your role involves test scenario creation, performance testing, issue tracking, and collaboration with development teams. If you're passionate about software quality, join us!

If you think that you have the following qualities in you, please apply right away and we will get back to you

Job description

Write functional and non-functional test scenarios.

Do performance, Regression, and Usability testing along with Functional Testing.

Work on multiple applications having different platforms.

Identify bugs and log them into the bug tracking tool.

Work closely with development teams to reproduce and validate reported bugs.

Responsible for developing and executing comprehensive suites of automation test plans and test cases, maintaining and adding to an existing framework.

Make good explanatory videos for issues and releases.

Report on project status to team lead.

Participate in project meetings with management and other team members.

Skills Required

Understand the functional requirements quickly.

Analytical skills to visualize product flow even before the product is built.

Knowledge of common test scenarios, that are not specific to a requirement.

Communicate clearly and concisely in both written and verbal formats.

Good typing speed.

Knowledge of Mobile/Desktop/Web Application Testing.

Skills to do testing as end users perspective and provides actionable insights for continuous improvement of application.

Ability to multitask, and prioritize tasks/scenarios/issues correctly in desired time.

Strong knowledge of QA methodologies, and testing life cycle along tools and processes.

Hands-on experience in any bug reporting tool which is desirable for bug/issue tracking.

Good knowledge of SDLC, STLC & AGILE model.

Preferred Skills

Analyze and improve QA processes.

Knowledge of Selenium and Winium to automate the project

Knowledge of Excel, and Office 365.

Ready to work in an Agile Environment.

Preferred knowledge of JIRA, SQL

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