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What is WinForms?

WinForms (Windows Forms) is a UI framework developed for creating rich desktop-based window client apps. Supporting an array of advanced and amazing features such as graphics, controls, data binding, and more, the framework is one of the user-friendly choices out there.

The framework hosts a drag-and-drop control in Visual Studio that helps create Windows Forms apps without any hassle. The solution is great for constructing data-entry systems, graphics applications etc.

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WinForms have many advantages that make this framework a powerful option for developers.

Supports Third Party Controls

When developing desktop apps, gaining access to third-party controls could enhance flexibility to complete your project tasks conveniently. And, WinForms provides that privilege to its users.

Plus, it already has an extensive toolset from its native windows library of common controls. Overall, the framework helps optimize the desktop apps for best utilization.

Simple and Precise

Considered one of the simplest desktop development solutions for Windows, WinForms has an easy learning curve. It takes less time to understand the framework and start programming with it.

A hassle-free drag and drop design allows developers to get acquainted with the overall platform quickly.

Huge Documentation and Large Community

One can find an extensive library of documentation online pertaining to WinForms. The framework has a considerable number of fans building a strong community on the web.

Therefore, it is easier to find answers in time of need by just looking online. This provides users with a lot of flexibility to complete development without any roadblocks.


Here are some of the cons that WinForms carry.

Extra Cost for Third-Party Controls

Definitely being able to access third party controls is an impressive option. However, you must also know that these controls aren’t free. You must pay extra costs to use these additional controls.

This adds up to the project cost and might end up turning the development expensive.

Requires Extra Effort for App’s Desired Look and Feel

With limited controls to take care of the design part on WinForms, you might need to work a little more to achieve the desired look and feel for your app designs. This can be complicated as well as can consume a lot of time.

Not to forget, the customization of controls is excessively difficult too.

Difficult to Draw Line Between UI and Back End Logic

Differentiating UI from the backend complexities have many perks. And the most pronounced one is the ability of parallel development. This allows developers to work semi-independently covering disparate aspects within the same project.

So, while the QML developers get the UI ready, the C++ developers can develop the backend, hand in hand. While this is possible with WinForms, it is difficult to attain it.

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