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Learning Management System

Online learning is gaining traction, calling for a more reliable platform to deliver an efficient learning experience. And we create solutions that flaunt best in class features, packed together to create offer comprehensive results.

Digital Info Bytes focuses on making the learning experience more personalized and engaging. Our application development starts from gathering details about your needs to supporting you when you go live.

We recognise and take care of the possible shortcomings these systems are used to encounter to make sure you never have to come across those issues later. With a very talented pool of professionals, we provide end to end solutions that speak for its perfection.

To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us at your preferred time. We are here to help!

Our Solutions

Learning is no more restricted to classrooms and not even computers. Every smart device can now become an aid in spreading education and necessary training to students.

Hence, we stress on developing applications and solutions that are compatible with all the major platforms and operating systems. But what actually do our applications do?

  • Fast Insight and Progress Tracking

Manage your students’ scores, course progress, and other insights with the click of a button. Track all the details of every user without getting any heavy lifting. A complete mobile-friendly solution that can help users access their details anytime.

A neat dashboard showing just the important information to keep the noise away. Get to know about upcoming tests, certifications and more by just logging into our learning management solutions.

  • Build Course Library

Users get to create their own course lists and manage their time accordingly. The application specifies all the important dates and details of the live sessions if any as well as completed chapters.

It is easy to toggle between different courses and access materials instantly. In short, learning made easy, even for those not much acquainted with computers and basic internet browsing.

  • Custom Branding and Diverse Learning Support

We help you make our solutions yours. Digital Info Bytes values the personal branding of its clients. Our platform is completely customizable. So, you can add features or decide to include them later, whatever you choose will work for us.

Our applications offer remote access for conducting classes seamlessly using a variety of options. Whether you use the whiteboard or share your screen or even carry video conferencing, the platform eases the overall learning process exponentially.