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Our team specializes in providing optimized IT solutions to our clients. Understanding the extensive operation involved in the engineering industry, we find ways to ease the internal process through innovation.

Depending on the needs, we can create applications, UIs and more to solve the persistent problems. Whether it’s a collaboration between departments, allotment of tasks and more, we use creative thinking to automate processes within engineering industries.

Having helped many manufacturing companies in the past, we bring years of expertise to find loopholes and suggest optimized development processes to meet specific goals.

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Our Solutions – What We Offer?

The engineering industry is one of the biggest sectors tackling a number of operations day in and day out. From logistics to vendor management and to more.

We develop custom software for manufacturing industries to simplify supply chain management, ERP solutions and more to help create a more robust business process.

  • ERP Integration

Our custom applications are easy to integrate without any hassle. Whether it’s your procurement data, financials, accounting operations, using our solution, you can automate the business process right away.

Our ERP offers manufacturing-specific features to streamline as well as automate businesses’ core processes. We design modern and latest ERPs, built on databases that are common to overall business operation. Therefore, our ERP solutions deliver a comprehensive business management platform.

  • CRM Development

Providing an AI-powered CRM solution, we aim to reduce the long chain of juggling between distributors and retailers to complete the complex sales cycles. Rather, you get the automated analysis and data related to purchase, behaviour and other consumer traits.

This way, you can better understand the current market and foresee prevailing demands and manufacture products that are more popular and trending.

In short, you can make smart decisions when using our highly efficient CRM solutions.

  • Inventory Management

We understand that managing inventory is one of the most challenging tasks for the engineering industry. Therefore, our solution takes utmost care for making this process as simple as possible.

Whether you want to keep track of the raw materials, goods in processing or finished ones, our solution gives you instant results. Easy to manage and maintain, we create applications that suit your particular business needs.