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WPF is a development framework consisting of a set of predefined controls to help build appealing client applications. Whether you are looking to create browser-hosted applications or standalone ones, this solution could help do that seamlessly.

Simply put, offering developers assorted objects and tools, WPF eases the task of constructing cooler interfaces.

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As discussed, the framework allows for the faster building of various kinds of client-side applications. Thankfully, there are many other perks worth noting.

  • Build with More Graphics

WPF design features layered DirectX. This helps in providing enhanced access to the latest hardware pertaining to graphics. In short, it’s much better than typical GDI and GDI+ graphics.

Hence, the transformation of objects becomes simpler with WPF. It is hassle-free to create 3D graphics and include multimedia files in the design.

  • Runs in Various Types of Environment

WPF is versatile and can run on the desktop as well as in a web browser. That said, these applications based on WPF can run locally while using the browser to benefit from the use of necessary navigation tools.

Another way to use a WPF program is to run it as a frame application. Make sure to run this inside a Frame control. This will act as a typical browser.

  • Variety of Controls

Packed with various controls to perform different actions or serve different design purposes, WPF applications are easy to customize as per likes.


There are a few disadvantages too. Here is what you must know:

  • Difficult to Learn for Beginners

Although not completely different from .NET programming, the framework brings its own set of challenges for beginners. It could take some time to understand the overall working of WPF to be able to make the most of it.

  • Requires Extra Video Cards

If you are working with advanced graphics, you will need a D*9 compatible video card additionally. That would add up to your expense.

  • Designing Applications Takes Longer Time

Being a little complex, the application design may take a longer time than expected to create UIs as per expectations.

For instance, if you want to change a control’s look, you might have to work through the control template to make that happen. Sometimes it takes hours to achieve the looks of the page one wants to create.