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Medical Billing and Claim Software

A very efficient and intuitive medical billing and claim software designed to automate the manual efforts for expediting the complete cycle of overall medical accounts operations.

Hosting a user-friendly interface, our application provides a scalable solution that is HIPAA compliant and flaunts customizable features to suit your needs.

The application empowers users with useful tools to help streamline various medical billing processes. This way, you get more time to invest in important things - Your Patients.

Top Features

The most affordable medical billing and claim software that offers every patient’s detail at your fingertip.

  • Billing

Enables you to fast track the billing process through automated calculations and quick integration to various verticals within the hospital premise. Avoid manual errors and keep you up to date about the charges levied on the patients in real-time.

  • EDI Integration

With EDI, you can securely transmit patients’ data among responsible parties such as insurers. The application uses tested and efficient message formats and follows safety standards to enable hassle-free information sharing.

  • 837

Integration of EDI 837 allows you to quickly share the insurance claim documents with insurance companies for faster recovery of allocated funds. The process is simple and requires just a few clicks to process the claims instantly.

  • 835

The application enables the trading of document format sent by the insurance companies to your healthcare department for completing the claim file of patients. Hence, you can separately manage these files for each patient to avoid any confusion.

  • 999

With our advanced medical billing and claim application, you can also store the acknowledgement for 837 received by the insurance companies for every patient. This way, you do not have to wait for hard copies or manage faxes, which is highly time-consuming.

  • ICN

To keep details of your patients’ claims on your fingertip, you must store the unique file number for every 837 documents created by insurance companies. And, using our software, it's easy to access these numbers and check the insurance claim progress online.

  • Medicaid

The application is compliant with the healthcare laws and guidelines for smoother processing of every claim document and ensuring quick reimbursement. Hence, no more counter queries and long claim processing.

  • Claims

Through automated claim processing, enabled through our medical billing and claim application, you do not need to wait too long for approvals while preparing files and sending couriers to insurance agencies.