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Digital Info Bytes excels in designing solutions for healthcare companies requiring the latest applications to smoothen their workload. Recognizing how a robust product lifecycle management (PLM) plan can prove to be a catalyst for ensuring high performance within the medical industry, we bring the most flexible solutions for our clients.

Perfecting applications to ensure quality, our team leverage the perks of advanced technologies to create reliable solutions. We will work hand-in-hand with your team to collect every insight about your company to make sure you get what you need.

From solutions to track health records of patients to automating the management operations within clinics, we offer a variety of solutions to the health industry. You will always find us by your side from start to end. Supporting every phase of development, Digital Info Bytes help you transition to a more robust system with ease.

Just give us a call or write to us to further understand what technical solutions we can accomplish for the medical sector.

Our Solutions – What We Offer?

The Healthcare industry accounts for the vast database management. Plus, it also requires sharable information, accessible from anywhere and at any time. And we have just scratched the surface to define what goes within the medical setup.

To be candid, medical institutions require highly comprehensive solutions that can handle enormous data while staying fast and apt. Therefore, we bring the innovative ideas captured within our applications to solve major pain points the healthcare industry faces today.

  • Administrative Management Solution

Hospital administration is challenging and hectic at the same time. From appointments to medical records to insurance and whatnot. In addition, maintaining revenue logs, updates on taxes and more often cover the major part of the administration.

Nevertheless, our solution makes these processes easy and accessible. From revenue cycle management to training to schedules to more.

  • Electronically Accessible Records

We create custom healthcare applications that make it hassle-free to manage patients’ records. Patients and medical staffs get the privilege to exchange and share details pertaining to health information in a commonplace.

This makes it easier to track patient health data, suggest changes in medication online and do more. Not only does this saves time but enable healthcare professionals to offer instant help whenever needed.

  • Assistive Care Solutions

Our solutions aren’t limited to hospital care and its operational management. However, we also help those with hearing or visual disabilities to carry seamless communications with healthcare providers.

With assistive apps and software, users can take advantage of text to speech readers to enjoy enhanced communication solutions.