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Working hard to manage projects using the same old technologies? You can save a lot of time and effort by getting the latest solution to keep track of your projects, past work, professional availability, allotment, tools and more.

The glazing industry helps residential homes save huge bucks on energy by coating glasses with materials that control light, minimize noise and more. With time, the popularity of these services is getting traction making businesses busy throughout the year.

That said, there is a huge need to ease the internal processes within the glazing industry. And, Digital Info Bytes does know when to act fast. Therefore, we have come up with software solutions that are designed specifically for this niche.

Get in touch with us to know more about the development services that we offer for the Glazing industry.

Our Solutions – What We Offer?

We have researched and worked with many experts from the glazing industry to understand the processes needing a technical push. In other words, we know ins and outs of how the industry operates.

And, the same is obvious through our solutions. We have targeted the major pain points of the business leaders to prepare a very reliable application. What’s fascinating is that our solution is customizable and ready to fit diverse business needs.

  • Easy Service Estimate Generation

Creating quotations for glazing services might seem simple, but is much more complex than one can imagine. One has to consider many parameters such as the size of windows, varying insulation needs, material needed and a lot more.

Using our solution, companies can create instant quotes following a few selections. This way, you employ less effort while being accurate, at all times. No unnecessary price corrections.

  • Simple Project Management

No matter whether you need to refer to an old project detail and create a new one, you can keep everything sorted in one place. With access to a huge database and searchable details, you can enjoy every piece of information at the tip of your finger.

This makes it simpler to offer suggestions to new clients through past project completion.

  • Design and Innovate

Getting an edge in this competitive time isn’t simple. Companies must offer something unique and valuable to get clients and businesses.

Keeping that in mind, Digital Info Bytes includes features for designers helping them utilize the latest toolset for creating wonderful glazed windows designs.

Offering a wider array of features to work with 2D as well as 3D designs, our solutions speak for themselves. You won’t need any other tool to complete design projects.