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Express js

Express.js is an open-source mobile API application framework built on the open-source model for Node.js.

In other words, this framework offers a thin layer between the Node server and the application-specific middleware to add its native features, without impacting the Node.js features we love.

By doing so, Express.js further simplifies the development process and provides useful features, tools, plugins and more to ease the development task.

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With many perks, Express.js is a very popular framework among developers. Here are some of its major advantages.

  • Faster Development

Express.js framework enables the use of JavaScript for both back-end and front-end code. This allows JavaScript professionals the benefit of becoming full-stack developers.

This way, it becomes write code and complete the development process faster. Giving access to a single person for managing presentation as well as the data access layers.

  • Open-Source

Express.js enjoys an open-source community. This way, more people work together to constantly review and improve code. With real-time feedback and reviews, it becomes simpler to understand the glitches in the framework and address them sooner.

  • Easy Integration Supported

Express.js is known for its minimalist design. With Express.js middleware packages, created by its development teams to address the different problems, the process of integration simplifies further.

These packages include sessions, security headers, URL parameters and more to support seamless integration with middleware.


Express.js has its own set of disadvantages you must know about.

  • Difficult for Beginners

The Express.js framework does not have strict structure rules that one must follow. While this is great for experts while they get the opportunity to explore better options to code, beginners might find it unhelpful.

Beginners can find it difficult to understand the optimal way of structuring their server code. And might end up writing code that actually slow down the overall process.

  • Middleware Complexity

Because of Express.js middleware system, developers often find it difficult to understand the concept and implement it correctly. Hence, one must understand the native concept of the middleware with Express.js to be able to make the most of it.

  • Debugging is Difficult

The error message of Express.js is often misleading. You are on your own when debugging the code.