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ASP (Active Server Pages) developed by Microsoft aims at offering developers a simple and interactive web application development tool. Using the technology, it is possible to create rich as well as dynamic websites.

What’s fascinating is that the framework can utilize client-side as well as server-side scripts. By setting different conditions using ASP programs, developers can manage various pages and content related to those pages.

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Pros is one of the most common web development frameworks. Thanks to its many perks that make it such flexible technology.

  • Rich Features and Tool box

When integrated with VS (Visual Studio) development environment, offers a feature-loaded rich toolbox. Great aid for building applications faster, the toolbox comes in handy for seamless development.

Flaunting drag-and-drop controls and automated deployment features, the framework eases the overall project development task.

  • Utilizes the MVC Architecture

Using the MVC architecture, ASP.NET manages independent maintenance and deployment for different components. This helps in separating the input, process and output within applications.

Favouring reusable components, the framework provides easy to maintain development solution.

  • Code Reusability Issues

For better performance, the ASP.NET framework provides high scalability. That is not it, some of its unique features make this technology indisputable. Such as the just-in-time compilation, caching services and so on. Enhancing performance, the advanced features within this framework is a huge aid for developers.

Then comes the security. ASP.NET security includes various authentication and authorization services for ensuring its security model.


Understanding the drawbacks concerning would help utilize maximum potential from the framework.

  • Lack of Extensive Documentation

This is where the ASP community lags behind its competition. Developers often find the documentation limiting, especially when building MVC applications.

  • Unit Testing is Almost Impossible features code behind along with tightly coupled architecture. These features when coupled with different event handlers make it close to impossible for developers to perform unit testing.

  • Code Reusability Issues

Because of the Code behind the logic feature of the, code reusability becomes too complex. Using the same code for multiple UI creates unnecessary conflicts while making parallel development impossible in many cases. This is mostly due to the applications being tightly coupled.